This page is about myself and what I do for a living.

I live in the United Kindom and work for an IT related company in the city of London.

Database was my subject of interest since my college days and I have to admit I have been very fortunate to
be able to work within the subject all of my working life… till now.

I have been working with Oracle database related technologies for more than ten years in various capacities
including Developer, Senior Developer, Support Analysts, Designer and Administrator. As part of my roles in
the projects that I worked in, my duty maninly involved implementing our clients complex business policies
in the software modules, resolving database related issues and at the same trying to reduce the cost of our

Most of my work was/is with Oracle databases. I worked with various versions of Oracle databases and tools.
Moreover, I also had the opportunity to work with other major commercial databases such as Microsoft SQL
Server, Sybase and DB2.

For my day to day work I surely used Google as a source of quick soutions – without which I would have spent a
significant amount of my time reading books (softcopy or hardcopy) in office or at home looking for solutions
to particular issues which I never had come accross before.

I have found the web very rich in information on my field of work and sometime I feel like I will be incapacitated
without access to my internet connection at office and at home. I guess the companies too understand that and so is why
they give us permission to stroll the web – so as to increase our and companies productivity and may be reduce costs???

So I decided to add some information regularly to the web through this blog.

I hope these information will help others broadening their understanding of the subject or may resolve their own issues.

I’ll be very happy to meaningful and enlightening discussion with you all.